Would you like to volunteer?

Are you inspired by what you have read on this website? Would you like to volunteer at VALREC? Interested in developing skills for your CV?

We run several projects at VALREC which means we always have lots of opportunities and always appreciate the fresh energy that volunteers can bring to the organisation.

You would also be amazed at the range of skills that we are looking for. However, we are interested in hearing from people from a range of backgrounds and with a range of experience.
Interested? If so please complete the attached forms so we can provide you with the most suitable opportunities to match both your current skills and the skills you wish to develop.

We are also flexible in terms of the days and length of volunteering opportunity that you would wish to do. You may want to do a few weeks or you may wish to undertake a longer placement. Please let us know how long you would like the placement to be for and any restrictions on your time.

Please e-mail this application form to: emma@valrec.org

If you have any questions, please e-mail the above address or call on: 01443 742 704

Best of luck with your application

*Please note: All volunteers must be in a position to complete a CRB check